Selfridges bugs out with new range of insect-based snacks

The department store is to start selling pasta, protein bars and granola made from insect flour

Big Zero Report 2022

Cooked crickets

Selfridges is to begin selling pasta, protein bars and granola with a difference – they will be made from insect flour.

The department store is working with French firm Jimini’s to bring to products to its shelves and claims they will offer an alternative, sustainable source of protein.

The protein bars on sale will be made from powdered crickets, while the pasta and granola offerings will consist largely of ground buffalo worms.

Insects are already widely eaten in many parts of the world – they provide proteins, fats, minerals and amino acids while requiring a fraction of the water and energy needed to produce foods such as pork, beef or chicken.

Scientists say a new ‘flexitarian’ diet needs to be widely adopted to protect the environment, feed the hungry and stop millions of early deaths.

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