Carbon dioxide supply shock ‘could lead to food shortages in Britain’

The meat industry warns businesses could grind to a halt if they cannot secure an adequate supply of CO2 as the gas plays a ‘critical and irreplaceable role’ in the food and drinks manufacturing process

McDonald’s goes green with plant-based burger

The offering that will feature a plant-based patty, vegan cheese and sauce is the result of a three-year research

UK to trial reusable packaging in its takeaways

Just Eat has launched a reusable packaging trial that aims to tackle plastic pollution

‘Artificial meat should be backed in fight against climate change’

‘Alternative proteins’ could be easier for policymakers to introduce than taxing traditional meat, a think tank suggests

Yorkshire Water ties with farmers for ‘pop up rain forests’

The programme will see farmers grow cover crops to improve soil and water quality and cut emissions

Eat smaller steaks to protect planet!

Sarah Bridle, Physics Professor at the University of Manchester, talked to ELN about how the size of our meals can have a big difference on carbon dioxide emissions

Would a meat tax lead to riots?

A new levy could reportedly be imposed on meat products to tackle climate change

Plastic waste gets a vanilla flavour!

Scientists have developed a method to upcycle PET plastic into vanillin, a flavour compound used in the food and cosmetic industries

Eat veggie Cornish pasties to save the planet!

University of Exeter research finds that each Cornish pasty generates around 2 kilograms of carbon

Salmon farming sustainability up leaps and bounds

A new report has found farmed salmon contribute to a lower carbon footprint and healthier diet