Scotland greenlights power link with Norway

The NorthConnect interconnector will have a total capacity of 1.4GW

The Scottish Government has given the green light for a new power link connecting Scotland with Norway.

The NorthConnect interconnector will have a total capacity of 1.4GW, enabling electricity to be transmitted both ways between Britain and Scandinavia and maximising renewable generation in Scotland (wind power) and Norway (hydropower).

Subsea cables will connect a converter station at Stirling Hill, Boddam and a similar one at Simadalen in Norway.

Richard Blanchfield, NorthConnect Head of Development in Scotland said: “The interconnector will be able to monitor and respond instantaneously to meet the demands of either energy market and grid stability requirements. Crucially, it will be able to be called upon by National Grid in the event of a ‘black start’ situation, ensuring the lights stay on.

“NorthConnect is looking towards operation in 2023/24 and has already begun the process of finding suitable contractors to deliver this strategically important energy project.”

The project is expected to be completed in 2022.

Last month, the 1GE Nemo Link connecting the UK with Belgium entered commercial operation.

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