Now you can take your low carbon living on holiday…

Renewable fuel producer Neste has unveiled a new low emissions vacation located on the Swedish island of Lidö

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Neste accommodation

Now you can take your low carbon living on holiday

Renewable fuel producer Neste, which makes clean jet fuel and diesel from waste and residues, has introduced its sustainable Zero Vacation scheme.

It invites guests to the island of Lidö, where they can spend their time swimming, staying in a cabin made from low carbon materials and concrete and eating from a sustainable menu – every aspect of the holiday destination and its activities are designed to have as low a carbon footprint as possible.

The scheme forms part of the firm’s Zero Island project, which looks for different ways to ultimately make Sweden a carbon-neutral economy – it aims to become entirely fossil fuel-free by 2045.

Neste’s Marketing Director Sirpa Tuomi said: “Fossil-free future requires changes in our everyday lives and in our mindset.

“As part of Zero Island project, we wanted to show people they can have a world-class vacation with as little emissions as possible and without flying to the other side of the world.”

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