UK businesses offered fully funded solar energy and storage solution

Statkraft has joined forces with redT for the solution which is expected to help businesses save up to 20% on their bills

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Statkraft has announced a new partnership with redT to provide a fully financed solar and storage solution with 100% renewable energy for businesses in the UK.

Claimed to be the first offering of its kind in the country, the solution is expected to enable businesses to save up to 20% on their bills over the next 25 years.

Statkraft will provide a long term corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) for the solar and battery storage technology, alongside a 100% renewable supply deal from its subsidiary, Bryt Energy, for the remaining power required from the grid.

Solar panels will be combined with redT flow machines without the need for any upfront costs, while Statkraft will also seek to incorporate them into its virtual power plant (VPP) and offer flexibility optimisation services.

The initial phase of the partnership is targeting up to 10MW of solar and 6MWh of energy storage, scaling over three years to 100MW of solar and 60MWh of storage.

Andy Cooper, Head of UK Downstream for Statkraft said: “We are excited to be working with redT energy to provide an attractive combination of renewable energy and long duration energy storage for our customers – we believe our funded solution really enables customers to take advantage of more zero carbon renewable energy, matching it to when it is needed most.

“The partnership with redT enables Statkraft and Bryt Energy to offer additional options that will benefit customers, incorporating storage, renewable energy solutions, advanced asset optimisation and trading within a VPP.”

Technologies for energy users that can help them reduce costs and emissions will be among those on display at The Energy Solutions Show (TESS)  on June 5th at Millennium Point, Birmingham.

If you are interested in showcasing your technology, feel free to get in touch here.

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