Global Renewables Market Update Q3, 2023 – European PPA Pricing Trends

Alfa Energy, together with parent company Edison Energy, recently published their Global Renewables Market Update: Q3 2023

A Global Renewables Market Update Q3, 2023

We are excited to share our Global Renewables Market Update: Q3 2023, a publication of Alfa Energy, sister company Altenex Energy, and parent company Edison Energy

Europe’s renewable PPA prices rise 2%

In the third quarter, Europe saw a modest 2% increase in renewable PPA prices, with some markets experiencing price hikes due to complex energy dynamics, according to a report

A Deep Dive Into European PPA Pricing Trends in Q2, 2023

Alfa Energy’s brand new Q2 Global Renewables Market Update, brings you up to speed on the latest PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) pricing trends happening in the European renewable energy marketplace in Q2

EDF snaps up wind power from Scottish onshore wind

Energy giant EDF has sealed a deal with Brockwell Energy, securing power from the upcoming North Kyle onshore wind farm in East Ayrshire, Scotland

‘EU green energy sellers set to face risky ‘merchant exposure’ within next five years’

About 92% of European renewable energy sellers will undergo “transformative merchant exposure”, according to a new report

Solar PPA to help Iceland stay frosty

Octopus has signed a power purchase agreement to supply power from the Breach solar farm in Cambridgeshire

Sunny skies ahead for Meta as social media giant strikes solar deal

bp has secured a power purchase agreement with Meta for a solar farm in Ohio

ENGIE inks 25-year 200MW wind PPA

The agreement has been made with Basin Electric for a wind project in South Dakota

H&M signs Sweden’s largest solar PPA

The agreement is for a 90MW solar park to power the retailer’s operations