TESS 2019: From the couch to £5m energy savings

David Higgins from Ignite Energy will be discussing the topic at The Energy Solutions Show

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What are the challenges and processes involved in undertaking large energy efficiency projects? How can large businesses move towards saving around £5 million or more on their energy costs?

That will be discussed by David Higgins, Director of Ignite Energy at The Energy Solutions Show (TESS) on 5th June at the Millennium Point in Birmingham.

Ignite Energy works with large businesses to help them reduce their energy costs and consumption, achieving savings worth tens of millions of pounds for clients including Halfords, WH Smith and Pets at Home.

Mr Higgins will discuss how driving change at every level of a business from within can lead to huge reductions in energy consumption, benefitting both the business and the environment.

If you wish to register as a delegate for free, you can send an e-mail here.

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