Two-thirds of Brits ‘worried about energy independence’

The results of a new survey from GMB Union show half of people are also worried about power cuts becoming more frequent in the future

Two-thirds of people are worried about the UK becoming too dependent on other nations to supply its energy requirements.

That’s according to the results of a new survey of 1,024 members of the public published by GMB Union – the organisation suggests wanting to cut emissions, protect the UK economy, create domestic jobs and maintain a reliable and secure source of power is not a radical outlook but “common sense”.

The results of the survey show half of respondents are worried about power cuts becoming more frequent in the future, while 51% think corporation business tax should fund the shift to renewable energy.

Only a fifth of people believe it should be funded primarily through customer bills and 14% believe it should be paid primarily through income tax.

A significant 70% said the government should focus on creating well-paid and skilled jobs in the UK, as well as prioritising the development of renewable energy, even if it that may not be the cheapest option.

Conversely, only 18% of people said they support the ‘lowest price no matter what’ approach.

Around 59% said they would be more like to support a political party if it had a solid plan to create more green manufacturing jobs in the UK.

Tim Roache, General Secretary of GMB Union, said: “It has become typical that when renewable energy on our shores, the wind turbines were manufactured in Scandinavia, transported to Britain on Dutch barges and connected into our grid with Chinese cables. That means that the vast majority of cash spent on renewables in this country has passed our economy by.

“It shouldn’t be seen as radical to want an energy solution that reduces emissions, creates decent jobs, keeps the lights on and economy moving and doesn’t fleece the average bill payer. It should be political, economic and moral common sense.”

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