Water way to save a million litres in South West England

Wessex Water installed more than 47,400 water saving devices as well as fixed dripping taps and leaking loos free of charge

Big Zero Report 2022

Wessex Water says its scheme to make homes more efficient has helped customers save around one million litres of water.

Its Home Check programme, launched in September 2016, installed efficient shower heads and tap aerators and provided advice to customers throughout the area in South West England where it serves.

It included the installation of more than 47,400 water saving devices – saving an average of 43.89 litres per day per household – as well as fixing dripping taps, leaking loos and other problems free of charge, with nearly 22,000 visits over the period.

Aimee Shaw, Head of Water Resources and Behaviour Engagement said: “Home Checks give us an excellent opportunity to speak to people about how they use water at home and often there are very simple solutions to household leaks or faults.

“Saving water is in everyone’s interests as it benefits the environment and keeps customers’ bills down if they are on a meter.”

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