Webinar: Carbon Negative: The key to achieving Net Zero

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Big Zero Report 2022

With a lot of discussion and headlines around net zero and how it can be achieved, does it go far enough? In this session, Bjoern looks at what businesses can do to reach further and become carbon negative.
  • Bjoern Reinke, Director of Data and Data Science, Drax

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Speaker Bio:

Bjoern Reinke, Director of Data and Data Science, Drax
Bjoern pioneered smart metering for one of the Big 6 energy companies and has over 13 years’ experience in the energy sector.
Now at Drax, Bjoern is responsible for making the Smart Metering Upgrade project a success for existing and future Drax customers.
This incorporates the Systems of Intelligence programme, which includes data science pilots and automated self-serve reporting at Drax Customer team.

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