New wave and solar system switched on in Gibraltar

Eco Wave Power has integrated eight solar panels on the surface of eight wave energy floaters

Festival Net Zero 2021

Eco Wave Power has launched a new combined wave and solar system in the company’s grid-connected wave energy power station in Gibraltar.

The onshore wave energy company has integrated eight solar panels on the surface of its eight floaters – all eight panels have a combined installed capacity of 2,640kW.

Eco Wave Power will commence long term testing of the newly installed equipment, with the vision of reviewing the possibility of integrating solar panels in all its future installations.

Charles Collinson, Director of European Union Programmes Secretariat, HM Government of Gibraltar, said: “The project is truly a success story of the European Regional Development Fund programme. Not only achieving its’ initial targets but setting new standards in the renewable energy field.

“It has minimum visual impact on the landscape; does not create any interference on the sea floor; minimum to no impact on the marine environment; produces no pollutants, waste products, noise nor gaseous emissions. It reduces shoreline and breakwater erosion and extends their life span. It has almost zero carbon footprint.”

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