SPEN promises ‘uninterrupted’ supply to frontline healthcare amid pandemic

The firm has introduced a ‘special measures package’ to protect power flow to priority sites

SP Energy Networks (SPEN) is working closely with the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments to ensure an ‘uninterrupted’ power supply to frontline healthcare and security facilities.

A ‘special measures package’ has been introduced that focuses on inspection and monitoring of priority sites and continued critical repair and maintenance work.

The firm plans to enhance capacity to divert excess energy to the National Health Services (NHS), following a review of the supply infrastructure of around 56 NHS and private hospitals across the UK, Scotland and North Wales.

Scott Mathieson, Network Planning and Regulation Director for SP Energy Networks, said: “Across the country, the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments have been bolstering the capacity of our NHS by setting up specialist field hospitals alongside dedicated testing and treatment sites.

“That includes support for the herculean efforts to transform venues across the country into new hospitals such as the NHS Louisa Jordan, which is currently taking shape in Glasgow and the development of six field hospitals within leisure and education premises in North Wales. Responsive, reliable and resilient power supplies will be vital to getting these facilities up and running and that’s exactly what we’re working to deliver.”

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