Nearly 600,000 energy customers switched supplier in March

Overall, switching is up by 10% in 2020 compared to the year before

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Lightbulb in dark room

Nearly 600,000 energy customers switched supplier in March.

That’s according to Energy UK’s latest figures, which show 589,297 customers moved to a new supplier last month, bringing the total number of switches this year to 1.6 million.

March’s switches are 4.3% down compared to March 2019 but switching is still up by 10% overall so far this year.

Audrey Gallacher, Energy UK’s interim CEO, said: “While switching can be a way to save money, the best way to save money in the longer term is through energy efficiency. So, while we are managing the challenges thrown at us from the current lockdown, I’d encourage people to consider whether they could be saving money by being more energy-efficient.

“Simple measures such as switching lightbulbs, reducing energy use or doing some minor adjustments around the home, like draught-proofing doors and windows, can help save you money off your bill and help the environment at the same time.”

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