Repsol to build ‘first large solar community’ in Spain

The new service aims to bring solar energy to urban masses by connecting ‘roofers’ with ‘matchers’

Repsol has launched a new service, named Solmatch, which claims to be building the ‘first solar community’ in Spain and promotes solar applications in urban centres.

In the Solmatch communities, energy is generated from solar panels installed on the roofs of the ‘roofers’ buildings, so that the ‘matchers’ homes, located at a maximum distance of 500 metres, can connect and use local renewable energy.

The company says the new service will support the local economy in terms of sustainability and will not require those who are interested to make any upfront investment.

In this way, roofers will enjoy the benefits of generating renewable energy while taking advantage of a ‘generally unused asset’.

For their part, “matchers” enter their address on the website of the new service, which checks which solar community is closest to them and connects them with it so they can consume solar energy and save up to 20% on electricity consumption.

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