AGL switches on ‘Australia’s largest wind project’

The wind project can generate enough renewable energy to power 264,000 homes

A wind farm that generates enough renewable energy to power 264,000 homes and claimed to be ‘Australia‘s largest wind project’ has been switched on after the completion of construction of its final turbine.

The construction of AGL’s Coopers Gap Wind Farm involved the 300 kilometre-transportation of more than 1,200 components from the Port of Brisbane to the Darling Downs site in Queensland.

More than 200 people have worked on the AUS$850 million (£442m) project, which at a capacity of 453MW can deliver electricity to power thousands of homes.

Brian McEvoy, AGL’s Head of Construction, said: “It’s satisfying to reach this important milestone knowing we’ve done it safely and by supporting the community in which we are located by focusing much of our spending on local businesses and contractors.”

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