ESB and Harmony Solar partner to power 10% of Irish homes with renewable energy

The collaboration aims to deliver 1,000MW of solar projects through a €30m investment

Big Zero Report 2022

ESB has joined forces with Harmony Solar to invest €30 million (£26m) in ground-mounted solar projects in Ireland.

The partnership aims to deliver more than 1,000MW of renewable energy to power 230,000 Irish homes by 2030 – more than 10% of Ireland’s households.

It says the agreement will enhance Ireland’s ability to reach future renewable energy targets and contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of up to 360,000 tonnes per year when the facilities will be fully operational.

Jim Dollard, Executive Director, ESB Generation and Trading, commented: “In ESB, we are committed to a future where low carbon electricity powers a low carbon society.”

John McEneaney, Harmony Solar’s Chairman, said: “We are looking forward to working together and we are confident that this partnership will further add to our ability to deliver solar power to even more Irish homes in the future.”

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