Fiat Crysler Automobiles and ENGIE Eps commence work for V2G pilot project

New infrastructure will interconnect up to 700 EVs and in doing so, be capable of providing ultra-fast grid services to the transmission network operator

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Fiat Crysler Automobiles (FCA) and ENGIE Eps have started working on a joint vehicle-to-grid (V2G) pilot project in Turin, Italy.

The V2G ‘smart’ charging infrastructure will be built in an area inside the FCA Mirafiori’s industrial unit and will allow trials to explore the performance and capacity of EVs to support the flexibility and stabilisation of the power grid.

It says the charging infrastructure will examine the interaction between 700 full electric vehicles (EVs) and the power until the end of 2021.

During its first phase, the project will install more than ten kilometres of cables required to interconnect the electricity grid with 64 two-way fast charging points, with an output of up to 50kW.

In addition to recharging the EVs, the project will use their batteries, which are capable of storing energy, to provide grid stabilisation services.

In its final stage, the infrastructure will be capable of supplying up to 25MW of regulatory capacity and providing resource optimisation to the equivalent of 8,500 homes, making it ‘the largest V2G facility in the world’.

It says the project will help motorists to optimise the operating costs of the cars and the grid to maintain a more sustainable and balanced operation.

Roberto Di Stefano, Head of EMEA e-Mobility at FCA, said: “On average, cars remain unused for 80-90% of the day. During this long period, if connected to the grid by V2G technology, customers can, therefore, receive money, or free energy in exchange for the balancing service offered, without compromising their mobility needs in any way.”

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of ENGIE Eps, commented: “Estimates have it that by 2025, the total storage capacity of EVs in Europe will be over 300GWh, representing the largest distributed resource available to the European energy system.

“The market for V2G infrastructure, to date consisting almost exclusively of experimental projects, is now ready to get off the ground. The Drosso project at Mirafiori is a world first. We are confident that it will soon be joined by a solution for all company fleets.”

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