Tesla announces ‘lowest price’ for solar power in the US

A Californian customer could save up to $88k during the lifetime of a 12.2kW solar system

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American electric vehicle (EV) and clean energy company Tesla has announced the ‘lowest price’ for solar power in the US.

The firm says its average-sized solar system is one-third cheaper than the industry average.

A small solar system of 4.1kW capacity could cost customers $10,000 (£8,056) before incentives, while the price is down to $7,400 (£5,961), once subsidised.

The new prices for a large system of 12.2kW capacity are estimated to lead to $88,000 (£70,857) savings in California during the system’s lifetime.

A similarly sized system could bring savings of up to $55,000 (£44,310) for a household in New Mexico.

The new price announcement forms part of Tesla’s commitment to making solar energy more affordable.

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