Met Office: Future weather extremes in the UK ‘may break new records’

The national meteorologic service for the UK warns extreme heat and rainfalls will pose increasing challenges to health, infrastructure and services

Global extreme weather conditions in the UK are likely to break new records in the future.

That’s according to a new analysis by Met Office, which suggests extreme heat and rainfalls in the coming years will place increasing challenges on health, infrastructures and services in the UK.

The new set of UK Climate Projections (UKCP) is due to be published today and aims to help policymakers and individuals understand how rapidly climate changes – it hopes to encourage society to take all the necessary steps to tackle the causes of weather extremes and avoid the future consequences.

Professor Jason Lowe, Head of the UKCP programme for the Met Office, said: “We know that on average the UK is projected to become hotter and drier in summer, and warmer and wetter in winter, this tells us a lot, but for those assessing climate change risk it’s important to better understand how extreme weather events are likely to change too”.

Dr Simon Brown, Scientist working on the project, commented: “If you’re designing a flood-relief scheme or building a railway, for example, you can’t assume that the climate will remain the same because we know that it is already changing.

“The things you want to know will be how much heat or rainfall will my project have to cope with and that is what our projections will do.”

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