Climate change ‘means UK heatwaves 30 times more likely’

The Met Office suggests heatwaves like the one seen in 2018 could soon occur every year

Picure of a sandcastle on a beach with two union jack flags on top.
Climate change: Summers could be 5.4°C hotter by 2070

The Met Office warns of significant temperature rises in the coming decades in its ‘most comprehensive picture yet’

UK could have more ‘tropical nights’ on the way

The Met Office says the country’s weather has been hotting up since the 1960s

Met Office: 2017 was fifth warmest year on record for UK

It reveals nine of the 10 warmest years have occurred since 2012

Environment Agency: Climate change increasing UK flooding risks

Intense flooding will become more frequent in the UK as a consequence of climate change. The warning from the Environment Agency’ (EA) follows a pattern of severe flooding over the past 10 years, “linked to an increase in extreme weather events as the nation’s climate changes”. It adds as intense storms are becoming more frequent, […]

New partnership for renewable energy forecasting

A new partnership to advance research in renewable energy forecasting has been launched. Envision Energy has joined forces with the UK’s Met Office, the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and Aarhus University to collaborate on new methods and technologies for the project. Improving forecasting models can help increase the accuracy of energy […]

Hurricane Ophelia: Thousands of homes without power

Hurricane Ophelia is causing disruption across the UK and Ireland, leaving thousands of homes without power. Engineers from Electricity North West are working towards restoring power after the storm hit overnight. It restored power supplies to more than 16,000 properties through the night, however around 2,000 properties are still without power as flying debris hit […]

Could wind turbines provide more power on coldest days?

Wind turbines produce more power on the coldest days than the average winter day. That’s according to new research, which compared wind power availability with electricity demand in winter, suggesting while winter days are usually less windy, turbines work harder on the coldest days. The team, which involved scientists from the Met Office Hadley Centre, […]

A new solar record for the UK today?

The UK could be heading towards setting a new solar record today. The control room at National Grid said it is “expecting very high solar output today, in excess of 8GW”. The previous record was set on the 10th of May this year, when solar generation stood at 8.4GW. Average power generated in the half […]

Met Office offers risk management tool for offshore projects

The Met Office has signed an agreement to offer its metocean risk management software for offshore projects. ForeCoast® Marine is a planning, visualisation and decision support tool which uses Met Office forecast data to reduce costs and metocean risks. Under the deal, JBA Consulting will offer ForeCoast® to its marine and offshore clients. The two […]