Extreme heat in India and Pakistan could be seen every three years

Extreme heat in India and Pakistan could be seen every three years

‘It’s 50/50 whether we breach 1.5°C’

The Met Office warns it’s touch and go whether we keep temperatures down in the next five years

English heatwave level raised by Met Office

The threshold has been increased to compensate for increasing temperatures from global warming

‘Extreme weather patterns are not new phenomena’

New data reveals the most extreme weather the UK has experienced dates back to the Victorian period

Storm Eunice made turbines generate almost half of Britain’s electricity

On Friday morning turbines met 48.5% of Britain’s electricity needs

Windfarms generate record electricity as Storm Malik batters the UK

Storm Malik’s winds set a record for the highest ever share of wind power to Britain’s grid

‘Global emissions must drop by 20% in five years’ warns Met Office

Its new report states that the 1.5°C aim for global warming is under heavy threat

Kwasi Kwarteng: “Completely unacceptable that there are still homes off power”

The Business and Energy Secretary said it is ‘frustrating’ 3,900 are still without power in the North East

COP26 Live: Met Office warns 1bn people could face extreme heat from 2°C rise

People affected by heat stress could increase 15-fold if the world temperature rise reaches 2°C

National Grid and Met Office join forces on weather data project

The project aims to expand the renewable energy capacity of the electricity transmission network