‘World’s first’ hydrogen-powered passenger train to make a debut on German tracks

The train is expected to start carrying passengers on a regular basis from next March

Big Zero Report 2022

Germany will be the first country that will see hydrogen-powered passenger trains travelling on its rail network.

The so-called Coradia iLint regional train, is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and its only emission while operating is steam and condensed water.

Built by Alstom, the train will start commercial operations next year in March after a trial period on a 123-kilometre track in Lower Saxony.

The company said the train has travelled nearly 200,000 kilometres and received very positive feedback from passengers.

Carmen Schwalb, Chief Executive Officer of the rail operator LNVG, said: “After 18 months in passenger service, we are very pleased with the performance of the Alstom Coradia iLint fuel cell hydrogen trains.

“The technology is now tried and true ticking all boxes: sustainability, economic viability and customer satisfaction. We can’t wait to have the first serial trains in operation.”

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