Are electricity bills going to be slashed to help the drive to ditch gas boilers?

The government is reportedly considering a greener plan to encourage more people warm their homes with low carbon heat

Big Zero Report 2022

The government is reportedly considering a plan to help more households replace gas boilers with greener alternatives.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Ministers have been discussing potential cuts in electricity bills to encourage more consumers to heat their homes with low carbon alternatives, including heat pumps.

Currently, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of consumers’ bills covers taxes such as subsidies for renewable energy and fuel vouchers for low income households.

It is believed these costs disincentivise people who want to explore greener alternatives.

According to the report, a new consultation, set to be announced within weeks, will decide how much of the 23% of policy costs will be removed from electricity tariffs.

The government has set a goal of replacing 600,000 gas boilers every year from 2028.

A government spokesperson said: “Heating for homes and workplaces make up almost a third of all UK carbon emissions so we need to reduce these levels to ensure we eliminate our contribution to climate change by 2050.

“More efficient heating systems will reduce energy bills overall and we will be publishing a call for evidence on affordability and fairness in due course to ensure heat pumps reduce people’s bills.”

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