Is the 2025 gas boiler ban target achievable for the UK?

Nathan James Van Gambling, Plumbing Heating Lecturer and Training Specialist, spoke to ELN about the feasibility of a UK-wide ban on boilers

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) has suggested a global ban on new fossil-fuel boilers could bring countries closer to their 2050 net zero target.

But how far are we from that? Can all new boilers be gas-free in just four years?

Nathan James Van Gambling, Plumbing Heating Lecturer and Training Specialist told ELN: “I suppose it’s a move that most of the people want to hear, isn’t it? But you still have to be a little bit cautious because you will still be allowed to install boilers post-2025. Because they will be manufactured to be retrofitted to be able to then burn 100% hydrogen.”

He added: “For some people, it may sound better than what they actually realise. There’s a lot of urgency around deploying heat pumps. So the government is looking to get 600,000 by 2028 going in every year which is a big ask, I personally hope we will get there but it’s a very very big ask.”

Listen to the interview.

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