Rolls-Royce and Flanders Electric team up to reduce emissions from mining trucks

They plan to develop a hybrid retrofit solution for the trucks, which is expected to save fuel and cut carbon emissions by up to 30%

The Big Zero report

Rolls-Royce and Flanders Electric have teamed up to develop a hybrid retrofit concept for mining trucks that can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% and save fuel.

They have signed a memorandum of understanding for the hybrid retrofit solution, which recovers braking energy that is fed back to power the wheel motors, allowing the diesel engine to be downsized.

The scalable solution will be suitable for a wide range of mining applications and includes maximum transmission unit engines, batteries and hybrid control systems as well as Flanders’ drive train solutions.

The companies plan to leverage their extensive experience to offer customers the hybrid solution that will also optimise vehicle power performance and efficiency, enabling more climate-friendly and safer mining operations.

John Oliver, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Flanders, said: “Improving our customers’ operations, lowering their costs while enhancing their energy footprint is a win for the mining industry and for the environment as a whole.

“We are excited to partner with Rolls-Royce Power Systems to deliver an industry leading hybrid power solution that will help our customers achieve their energy or carbon reduction goals.”

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