British Gas launches £2m fund for those who struggle to pay their bills

Customers with a debt of £250 or more are expected to be supported through the fund

Some British Gas customers who find themselves struggling to pay their bills will soon get some financial support through the company’s new £2 million fund.

The ‘Winter Fuel Fund’ will help customers with a debt of £250 or more to help pay their energy bills over the coming months.

The British Gas Energy Trust last year provided £1.8 million of debt relief, emergency fuel vouchers, and grants to replace boilers, with a further £3.6 million of funding provided to other organisations who support all energy customers in Scotland, England and Wales.

Chris O’Shea, Chief Executive of Centrica, said: “The rising costs of living, coupled with the increasing cost of energy, are putting more people under financial pressure. I hear from our customers every day that they are struggling, and they need our support now more than ever.

A few days ago, the Centrica boss said Ofgem and policymakers need to take action to make sure this energy crisis will not happen again.

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