New business to manage UK’s radioactive nuclear waste

The Nuclear Waste Services will oversee the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s integrated waste programme

Big Zero Report 2022

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced the launch of a new business that will manage the UK’s radioactive waste.

The Nuclear Waste Services brings together the expertise of site operator Low Level Waste Repository, Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) developer Radioactive Waste Management and the NDA Group’s Integrated Waste Management Programme into one organisation.

The new business, previously decided by the NDA as part of its wider move to simplify structures across the group and enhance capabilities, will maintain its current commitments to the Low Level Waste Repository and to the GDF programme.

The NDA is responsible for the management, decommissioning and clean-up of 17 nuclear sites across the UK, with the new business overseeing the group’s integrated waste programme.

Nuclear Waste Services will be led by Chief Executive Corhyn Parr, formerly NDA’s Director of Integrated Waste and Adriènne Kelbie, Board Chair.

Ms Parr said: “Our new organisation brings together a huge amount of expertise and capability in dealing with radioactive waste across the UK. It also maintains in full the commitments made to the GDF programme, to the Low Level Waste Repository and to the communities we operate in.

“Working together, our focus is to secure a safer future for us all, with an enhanced service to waste producers that supports the most appropriate and joined-up approach to waste management in the UK. By working more closely together we can enable better decision-making and help identify opportunities that can deliver wider benefits like earlier risk reduction at decommissioning sites or greater efficiency and lower costs to the taxpayer.”

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