First marine geophysical surveys for nuclear waste disposal begins in Cumbria

The surveys will gather data to provide a better understanding of the rock structure and help find a suitable site for radioactive waste in the UK

Greece taken to EU Court over environmental impact assessment failures

The Environmental Impact Assessment Directive applies to a wide range of defined public and private projects including long-distance railway lines, motorways and express roads and airports

UK consults on new nuclear reactor at Sizewell C in Suffolk

The Environment Agency is seeking views over a 12-week period on its proposed decision to grant three permits relating for the planned £20m nuclear power plant

Nearly half of Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant workers allowed to leave site

Staff had been working at the Russian-controlled facility for nearly four weeks – or around 600 hours – without being able to change shifts

Power loss at Chernobyl nuclear plant ‘could deteriorate operational radiation safety’

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the nuclear plant’s disconnection from the electricity grid would not critically impact essential safety functions at the site immediately and radiation levels were normal but made it clear the situation there was deteriorating

New business to manage UK’s radioactive nuclear waste

The Nuclear Waste Services will oversee the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s integrated waste programme

Five UK firms chosen to demonstrate innovative tech to tackle radioactive waste

They will work on a mixed pile of non-radioactive waste, with the aim of proving they can increase recycling rates, reduce the number of waste containers sent for disposal and reduce the hazard to people and the environment

UK researchers offered £1m to collaborate with Japan on civil nuclear energy

Proposals must address one of the following topics: radioactive waste treatment, robotic and autonomous systems for decommissioning, fuel debris materials and decommissioning technology

New £5m project supports UK’s nuclear waste disposal programme

Testing has started on a new system to seal deep boreholes

Oceanic Pintail: UK’s longest serving nuclear vessel makes final journey

It set sail from Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria last week to be recycled in Scotland