Environment protection key consideration when evaluating nuclear waste disposal sites

A Geological Disposal Facility will put waste hundreds of metres deep underground and will only be built where there is both a ‘willing community and a suitable site’

World’s first nuclear waste storage facility in Finland moves forward

Developer Posiva plans to store spent nuclear fuel at a depth of around 400 to 450 metres in the Onkalo bedrock on Olkiluoto island

UK radioactive waste management boss to retire

Bruce McKirdy became the first Managing Director of Radioactive Waste Management, which aims to deliver a geological disposal facility in the UK

Shipping radioactive nuclear waste in no deal Brexit scenario

The new rules largely replicate the current regulatory procedures that exist between the European Atomic Energy Community and third countries

Nuclear experts and academics tackle radioactive waste challenges

A new research programme is supporting 40 projects lasting up to four years each

UK and Japanese nuclear agencies team up to share expertise

They have signed an agreement to build on the collaborative relationship to allow exchange of skills, knowledge, research, information and technology

UK consults on radioactive nuclear waste management strategy

It applies to 17 sites owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) across the country

BEIS appoints new chair to Committee for Radioactive Waste Management

Sir Nigel Thrift is dubbed as one of the world’s leading human geographers

‘Public are clued up about nuclear waste’

Public knowledge about the way the UK manages it radioactive waste is at its highest point on record. That’s according to the latest BEIS Public Attitude Tracker (PAT), which is now on its 24th wave of finding out what the public think about a variety of energy issues. The survey of 2,078 households across the […]

UK seeks views on disposal of radioactive waste

The UK Government is seeking views from local communities on a permanent solution for the disposal of the nation’s radioactive waste. A Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) secures waste at least 200 metres underground, made up of multiple layers of materials such as steel, rock and clay to provide protection. The construction of a GDF would […]