‘We’re going Back to the Future!’

DeLoreans turned into electric vehicles?

Big Zero Report 2022

The DeLorean has become a cultural icon with its place in the 1980s Back to the Future trilogy – but it seems the Doc’s words might have been right, as not far from four decades on, the car is being given a second lease of life as an EV!

A Texas-based group of executives are working alongside the owner of the DeLorean’s branding rights Stephen Wynne to revive the time machine in an electric capacity.

The executives have come from EV startup Karma Automotive and look to put those electric powertrain skills to work on the classic car.

DeLorean is the latest car brand to enter the electric market but its place in futuristic history could help it reach success in a new world.

Fans have been teased with a social media post from the brand and await further news.

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