British gas consortium helps repair work of Ukraine’s damaged energy infrastructure

Large-scale components and specialist tools were donated to help Ukraine’s gas networks

Some of the largest gas transmission and distribution companies in the UK have come together to donate equipment that will ensure the secure operation of Ukraine’s gas networks.

Large-scale specialist equipment was gathered at an operational site in the East Midlands before its shipment to Ukraine.

The donation will help repair and replace infrastructure damaged during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Cadent, National Grid Gas Transmission, Northern Gas Networks, SGN and Wales & West Utilities worked together on gathering the components and specialist tools.

Jon Butterworth, Chief Executive Officer of National Grid Gas Transmission and Metering, said: “Alongside the terrible human toll, the war has caused immense damage to Ukrainian energy infrastructure and has seriously disrupted the provision of warmth and energy to their citizens.

“We hope that our action in gathering equipment over the past few weeks can restore to civilians some of the infrastructure required to restore warmth and power and we will continue to offer our skills and knowledge however we can.”

National Grid donate plant and generators to Ukraine at National Grid PMC Ambergate Depot in Derbyshire, UK. (Image: Anthony Devlin/Jason Alden Photography)

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