Council in Yorkshire ‘has not paid for gas for about 17 years’

Beverley Town Council soon have to pay for gas it has received since 2004

‘UK’s first’ hydrogen blended gas hailed a success

Nearly 100 homes received the blended gas for 18 months with residents reporting positive results from their experience

UK village to trial hydrogen mix in home boilers

Winlaton near Newcastle has become a testing ground for phasing out natural gas boilers in homes

UK says Hy to first hydrogen houses!

The homes, which will be fuelled entirely by hydrogen, are to be built in Gateshead

Gas networks unveil blueprint to deliver ‘Britain’s first’ hydrogen town by 2030

The companies are planning to invest £28 billion in hydrogen projects across the country by 2032

UK first: Hydrogen injected into gas grid as landmark trial gets underway

The HyDeploy demonstration is feeding up to 20% of hydrogen into Keele University’s existing natural gas network

New UK hydrogen gas network trial cleared by HSE

The HyDeploy project will blend up to 20% of hydrogen with the normal gas supply in part of Keele University’s private gas network

Ofgem fines Grid £4.3m over gas failing

Energy regulator Ofgem will fine National Grid Gas £4.3 million for failing to meet mandatory targets for attending and assessing gas escapes on time last Winter. The regulator also intends on fining Northern Gas Networks £900,000 for the same offence. Rachel Fletcher, Senior Partner Smarter Grids and Governance, Distribution at Ofgem said: “Consumers pay for […]