France to cap electricity and gas price hikes at 15%

French Prime Minister says European solidarity can help avoid blackouts this winter

Big Zero Report 2022

France has announced it will cap increases in electricity and gas prices at 15% next year.

In a press conference, France’s Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, accompanied by other senior ministers, unveiled the extension of the ‘tariff shield’, which includes a limited increase in gas and electricity tariffs of 15% for households, small businesses and small local authorities.

These capped increases, the Prime Minister added, will lead to an average increase in bills of around €25 (£21.5) per month for households that heat with gas, instead of around €200 (£172) per month without a tariff shield.
Ms Borne added the 15% increase would lead to an average of around €20 (£17) per month for households that heat with electricity instead of €180 (£155) per month, without the new measures.
The French Prime noted that “only sobriety and European solidarity will allow us to avoid cuts of gas in the event of a very cold winter”.

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