Centrica starts converting former gas power station into battery storage facility

The 50MW battery storage project at Brigg will be capable of supplying the equivalent of a full day’s energy consumption for 11,000 households

Centrica Business Solutions has started work on converting a decommissioned gas-fired power station into a battery storage facility in Lincolnshire.

It is working in partnership with GE to build a 50MW battery storage project at Brigg, which will be capable of supplying the equivalent of a full day’s energy consumption for 11,000 households.

The battery, which represents the largest investment in storage capacity made by Centrica to date, will provide energy storage for the 43 onshore wind farms across Lincolnshire.

It will also provide grid support and energy services that will not only provide stability to the grid when there are power disruptions but also ensure renewable energy is utilised optimally.

The battery storage system is expected to be fully operational in late 2023, with plans to run the site for 25 years.

Greg McKenna, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Investing in low carbon energy assets that boost the UK’s ability to store more renewable energy is key to getting to net zero. Lincolnshire has 242MW of onshore wind power capacity but when supply outstrips demand some of those green electrons will go to waste if not stored. Working with GE we’ll store green energy produced locally and use it as efficiently as possible.

“As the UK’s power generation capacity becomes more distributed and the share of renewables increases, generation flexibility becomes critical to keep the lights on securely, sustainably and affordably. Brigg battery storage investment will ensure we can maximise the use of the green energy generated by nearby wind farms – storing when the wind blows and discharging when it doesn’t.”

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