Drivers see ‘record gap between petrol and diesel pump prices’

The price gap between petrol and diesel has risen to a record 17p

The difference between the price of diesel and petrol at UK forecourts has hit a record high, according to a new report.

The government data shows that diesel is now 17p more expensive than petrol at an average 180.22p compared to an average of 162.96p for petrol.

The RAC suggested the gap between the two fuels is normally around 4p a litre – it added that this has widened since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Several factors are combining to make diesel more expensive. While the EU is not set to ban Russian diesel imports until February 2023, the UK has already done so.

“This is significant as we used to import a third of our diesel from Russia. In addition, European demand for gas oil – red diesel – tends to go up at this time of year as it is commonly used for heating.

“And this is greater this autumn as Europe is looking to lessen its reliance on gas and as a result is boosting its diesel supplies to get through the winter.”

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