‘Petrol up 3p, diesel 4p in three weeks’

Recent RAC data reveals a 3p increase in petrol and a 4p increase in diesel over three weeks, adding £2 to the cost of refuelling a family car

UK petrol prices drop

The average price of petrol in the UK decreased by 6p per litre in December, marking the second consecutive monthly decline

UK watchdog to crack down on fuel price rip-off

The Competition and Markets Authority has received new powers to monitor and penalise unfair fuel pricing, ensuring transparency from retailers

“Pump prices still high despite 2p-a-litre drop”

RAC data reveals that UK drivers are still paying more than they should at the pumps, with supermarkets criticised for not passing on savings

Diesel and petrol prices rise in September

The price of diesel skyrocketed by 8 pence per litre in September, with petrol prices increasing by 4.5 pence, marking the third and fourth consecutive monthly increases, according to a report

UK petrol prices rise for second consecutive month

In July, the average price of petrol in the UK increased by a penny, marking the second monthly rise in a row, while diesel remained stable

UK to crack down on petrol stations overcharging drivers

The UK Energy Secretary is set to meet with prominent retailers, such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, bp, Shell and Esso, to discuss measures aimed at ensuring fair fuel prices

Shell ads banned for misleading clean energy claims

The ads failed to disclose Shell’s involvement in more polluting activities related to fossil fuels, according to the Advertising Standards Authority

Concerns over fuel overcharging: experts investigate potential price manipulation

Watchdog investigation has revealed supermarket fuel prices surged by 5p per Litre last year compared to pre-pandemic levels

Drivers see ‘record gap between petrol and diesel pump prices’

The price gap between petrol and diesel has risen to a record 17p