Is the UK scratching the bottom of the oil barrel in fuel duty cut measures?

Out of 13 European countries, only one, Luxemburg has done less than the UK in helping drivers with soaring petrol prices, new analysis finds

‘You shouldn’t be paying more than £1.65 for your petrol’

A campaign claims that petrol stations are making as much as £20 profit per family car on fuel

Petrol stations blamed for ‘rocket and feather’ pricing

Petrol prices hit a new record average price of 191.1p on Monday

Business Secretary calls for urgent review of retail fuel market

Kwasi Kwarteng has shared his concern over the pace of the increase in pump prices

Britons forced to sell their cars as fuel prices hit record levels

The AA has called on the government to cut fuel duty by 10p per litre immediately

Shell finishes deal to sell retail and lubricants business in Russia

The company’s Russian retail stations and lubricants business have been sold to LUKOIL

Sainsbury’s pledges to remove Russian diesel from its petrol stations

Sainsbury’s has unveiled plans to stop selling diesel from Russia across its 315 petrol filling stations

Shell agrees to sell its Russian petrol stations

LUKOIL will buy Shell’s Russian retail and lubricants businesses

People filling their car fuel tanks without paying soar by 14.6%

Reported incidents are 37% higher compared to the first quarter of 2021, according to a report

Soaring fuel costs put the brakes on employees’ commutes

Almost 45% of British workers will work from home more often to offset the rising cost of commuting, according to a poll