Drivers see ‘record gap between petrol and diesel pump prices’

The price gap between petrol and diesel has risen to a record 17p

ENGIE: “Gazprom informed us about a reduction in gas deliveries”

A dispute over contracts has reportedly led to the cut in the gas supply delivered to the French energy group

Fears grow for UK winter blackouts

There is reportedly a “one in ten chance of four to five days” this winter in which some consumers will lose power for a short period of time

Are UK power stations set to fire up ‘wargame’ emergency plans?

Britain’s gas power stations could reportedly be asked to ration their energy use or shut off to help the grid meet high demand

EU ban on Russian coal comes into force

The coal cutoff is predicted to impact about €8 billion worth of Russian exports every year

Is the UK set for ‘four-day blackouts’ to save energy?

Libraries, government buildings and railway stations will reportedly be asked to close in the event of energy shortages this winter

Britons should switch dinner times to avoid winter blackouts, says government’s chief advisor

UK National Infrastructure Commission Chairman has said households should be asked to turn down thermostats and change cooking patterns amid energy crisis

Lithuania seeks to cut ties with Russian grid earlier

Lithuania’s President said the fastest decoupling would increase the energy security of the Baltic countries

Russia ‘earned €93bn from fossil fuel exports in the first 100 days of war’

China, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands were the largest importers of Russian energy, according to a report

Is government plotting back to coal move?

EDF has reportedly been approached to keep a coal-fired power station going