Glasgow switches on body heat-powered venue

A venue in Glasgow is using body heat generated by visitors to warm and cool its premises

Glasgow is on a mission to prove that body moves can keep the energy crisis at bay.

On Wednesday, after three years of development, arts and events venue SWG3 launched its ‘BODYHEAT’ system, a thermal heating and cooling system which is harnessing the body heat of visitors.

The heat generated by visitors’ movements will be used to heat and cool the venue.

The energy is stored across 12 underground boreholes, before being used to heat or cool the venue.

The heat is transported using a carrier fluid through a network of pipes to heat pumps before going 200 metres underground to the boreholes to be stored.

Councillor Angus Millar, Convener for Climate and the Glasgow Green Deal at Glasgow City Council, said: “This is a fantastic scheme, where people really are making Glasgow greener – while having a great time.

“This innovative approach to reducing emissions and energy use at SWG3 is a great example of how we can all play our part in Glasgow becoming a net zero city.”

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