Britons plan to have gym showers to save money on energy bills

New survey shows that nearly 26% of private renters think it will be more cost effective to buy a few hot drinks rather than heating their home

Glasgow switches on body heat-powered venue

A venue in Glasgow is using body heat generated by visitors to warm and cool its premises

Britons warned ‘there is no cap’

Hours before the new energy prices come into force, Friday 30th September has been named ‘meter reading day’

Council to create spaces for people who can’t afford to heat their home

Bristol City Council plans to launch “warm places” in October

Fire officers issue stark warning as energy bills skyrocket

People turn to open fires instead of switching on central gas heating

Government to consider ‘all options’ on price cap for heat networks

The Energy Minister has acknowledged that customers on heat networks are more exposed to energy price hikes

Money Saving Expert predicts civil unrest due to energy crisis

Martin Lewis believes anger could spill over

Almost 15m homes ‘could need energy efficiency upgrades by 2035’

Nearly 60% of the homes in England and Wales need work to meet the target of EPC C rating by 2035

Homes with heat pumps to ‘pay more for heating than gas boiler customers’

The cost of heating from heat pumps is higher by £267 a year, according to new research

Scientists develop ‘smart window’ that can heat or cool a home

The technology could slash energy usage by up to 34%