Britons plan to have gym showers to save money on energy bills

New survey shows that nearly 26% of private renters think it will be more cost effective to buy a few hot drinks rather than heating their home

Big Zero Report 2022

Rising energy bills are squeezing private renters as energy costs continue to soar.

New polling by Smart Energy GB has found that 22% of private tenants across the UK plan to keep their bills down having a morning shower in the gym.

The survey of 2,000 people living in a room or a flat or house rented from a private landlord also shows that 26% plan to charge their devices in the office while 20% consider keeping themselves warm in cafes.

Concerns about rising energy bills mean that 26% think it will be more cost effective to buy a few hot drinks, rather than heating their home.

In addition, 23% will take the opportunity to visit friends and family members, while their own heating stays off.

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