Public energy saving information campaign ‘could save £400 for Britons’

The Treasury could save more than £9 billion if the government set up a campaign to advise people on how to save on their bills

Big Zero Report 2022

The government has been urged to launch an information campaign with practical tips on reducing household energy demand.

Think tank the Social Market Foundation (SMF) suggests a German-style national drive to reduce energy use by switching off lights and lowering heating could save British households £400.

The SMF estimated that the Treasury could also save up to £9.3 billion on the Energy Price Guarantee if British energy demand fell as much as Germany’s.

Analysts note that saving could reduce the scale of the spending cuts and tax rises the Treasury is preparing to announce in the Autumn Statement later this month.

Jake Shepherd, a Senior Researcher at Social Market Foundation, said: “In the face of rising energy costs, and despite the Energy Price Guarantee, households are and will continue looking for ways to reduce their demand for energy.

“The government should give them more practical information on doing so, instead of leaving them in the dark – or worse, making unacceptable trade-offs between heating and eating.

“Far from ‘nannying’ people, government guidance would empower them – and most importantly, help them save on their energy bills. Reducing energy use would deliver significant savings for the Treasury, potentially reducing the pressure on ministers to find money elsewhere with tax rises and spending cuts.”

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