‘UK has potential to become a world leader in carbon removal technology’

The government has been urged to make carbon removals a top priority to accelerate net zero

A report has found that the UK can become the world leader in carbon removal technology.

This has been revealed by the carbon ratings agency, BeZero Carbon.

The analysis added that the UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB) should make carbon removal its sixth priority.

The investment will be able to create thousands of highly skilled green jobs with more than 77% based in the Midlands, the North and Scotland.

The country could lose out on export opportunities and access to a potential $6.5 trillion (£5.3bn) market if it fails to invest in carbon removal technologies.

Ted Christie Miller, Head of Carbon Removal at BeZero Carbon said: “Investing in carbon removal is an opportunity the UK cannot afford to lose. Carbon removal is vital for the net zero transition but can also turbo-charge the UK economy, creating thousands of new jobs while also tapping into a multi-trillion-dollar market.”

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