Ofgem seeks views on non-domestic retail market after concerning reports

The regulator’s Call for Input comes as non-domestic customers are facing multiple challenges amid the energy crisis

Britain’s energy regulator is seeking views from stakeholders after concerning reports highlighted the challenges being faced by non-domestic customers.

Ofgem has said: “We are concerned about the reports of consumer harm in this market. While affordability of energy is a matter for government, in this Call for Input, we set out for consumers, consumer groups, suppliers, third party intermediaries and other relevant stakeholders several market-related issues we have identified.

“We are exploring whether and where these are temporary or isolated to specific suppliers or if systemic problems show that changes in regulation are needed.”

In November, Neil Lawrence, Ofgem’s Director of Retail wrote to suppliers asking for a response to reports about business customer harm.

Small and large business customers had previously raised issues, including excessive security deposit requirements, lack of offers to contract and other unacceptable practice during debt and disconnection activities.

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