‘Wind farms approved during Gordon Brown’s reign set to spin up today’

The government has conceded current grid connection times are unacceptable

MPs have criticised the UK Government‘s delay in grid connections for renewable energy projects.

During a House of Commons session, Labour MP Seema Malhotra stated that “it is a disgrace that while energy prices rocket huge delays to grid connections are holding back renewable energy, getting onto the grid and supplied into UK homes and businesses.”

Malhotra highlighted the approval of wind farms during Gordon Brown’s administration that are only now coming online and energy companies that are facing 13-year delays until 2036 for some projects.

She questioned the Tories’ ability to address the issue and whether their inaction was costing British families and businesses.

In response, Conservative MP Andrew Bowie acknowledged that the situation regarding grid connection times is unacceptable and that “everybody in this House would acknowledge” it.

He noted that the government had commissioned network commissioner Nick Winslow to submit recommendations on how to accelerate the delivery of network infrastructure.

Bowie also pointed out that it was during Brown’s administration that the decision was made not to invest in new nuclear, which has contributed to the current problem.

Winslow’s report is expected to be published soon.

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