UK households struggling to keep warm as temperatures drop

Nearly 20% of UK adults are unable to meet basic energy needs, struggling to keep warm in their homes, new report shows

Some UK households are facing energy insecurity, defined as being unable to meet basic energy needs such as heating the home, with one in five adults (20%) reporting difficulty in keeping comfortably warm in the past two weeks.

That’s according to the latest report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which suggests of this group, almost 13% persistently reported being unable to keep warm, while 7% reported it only in the latest period.

However, nearly 9% were able to keep warm in the latest period but reported difficulties in the previous period, which may be due to the relatively warmer weather, the ONS said.

Those who were economically inactive, living in deprived areas, aged 16 to 29 years, experiencing moderate-to-severe depressive symptoms or disabled were among groups more likely than average to report difficulty in keeping comfortably warm at home.

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