‘UK green job growth lags behind’

New data from the Office for National Statistics reveals weak growth in green jobs since 2014

England’s fuel poverty rates remain high

Official data shows that fuel poverty in England remains stagnant at 13%, with an increased aggregate gap of £1.32 billion

Nearly 40% of Brits struggle to keep the lights on

Almost 44% of Britons are reducing their fuel usage due to rising expenses, according to the latest Office for National Statistics data

‘UK’s slow progress in making homes greener’

New ONS data reveals slow progress in making UK homes more energy efficient, raising concerns about the UK’s ability to achieve its net zero target by 2050

South Scotland faces 99.3% increase in gas bills

Gas prices soar in South Scotland as average gas bill expenses rise to 5.7% of annual income, according to a report

UK households struggling to keep warm as temperatures drop

Nearly 20% of UK adults are unable to meet basic energy needs, struggling to keep warm in their homes, new report shows

Government borrowing hits record £16.7bn due to soaring energy costs

Borrowing broke a record in February, with an additional £9.3 billion in costs from energy support schemes to help households and businesses deal with high energy bills

UK’s low carbon and renewable energy economy jumps by a third in a year

Gross revenue and employment rate in these sectors are at the highest level since 2015, the ONS has said

UK government borrows £22bn to fight energy crisis

That’s according to official data from the ONS

Rising energy costs make inflation rocket to 41-year high

Britain’s inflation rate rose to 11.1% last month, according to the Office of National Statistics