British Gas launches new EV charger

British Gas has introduced its new Hive EV charger, providing EV owners with a smart solution to efficiently manage their charging and costs

British Gas has unveiled its latest offering in smart home charging products with the launch of the Hive electric vehicle (EV) charger.

Developed in collaboration with the manufacturer EO Charging the charger, similar in size to an A5 notebook, aims to provide electric car owners with greater control and management over their vehicle charging while promoting cost savings and environmental benefits.

The introduction of the Hive EV charger aligns with British Gas’ commitment to supporting customers on their journey to minimise their carbon footprint.

Research conducted by British Gas revealed that 39% of respondents were willing to install a home charger for their EVs, indicating an increasing interest in exploring home charging options.

With the new British Gas tariff, customers will be able to charge their EVs for less by accessing off-peak electricity at a rate of under 10p per kWh between 12am and 5am.

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