Labour pledges to cut red tape and accelerate green energy projects

The Labour Party has unveiled plans to streamline construction of onshore wind farms and nuclear power plants

Labour has revealed its intention to slash bureaucratic obstacles and expedite the development of onshore wind farms and nuclear power plants.

The party’s initiative, set to be announced by leader Sir Keir Starmer later this month, aims to prioritise projects deemed vital for the country’s energy infrastructure.

Last week, Labour unveiled changes to its commitment to investing £28 billion per year in green industries, opting for a more cautious approach.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves announced that the party would gradually increase investment from 2024, reaching the full £28 billion per year after 2027.

Under Labour’s proposed “fast-track” green scheme, national planning policy statements will be revised to actively promote the expansion of clean power generation.

Ed Miliband, Labour’s spokesperson on climate change, expressed his support for the plan, emphasising the negative impact of the government’s restriction on onshore wind.

He argued that since 2015, this ban has cost households an additional £180 per year on their energy bills.

However, Labour has reassured towns and villages that they will retain their authority to veto new developments.

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