Iberdrola launches new business for carbon credits

Iberdrola’s new business, Carbon2Nature, aims to capture over 61 million tonnes of carbon dioxide through nature-based projects

Energy giant Iberdrola has unveiled its latest venture, Carbon2Nature (C2N).

The newly established business is dedicated to developing “high-impact” nature-based solutions projects with the goal of curbing carbon dioxide emissions.

The initiative is rooted in the belief that investing in nature can simultaneously combat climate change and biodiversity crises, while also fostering sustainable value creation and profitability.

C2N is set to harness the potential of carbon markets by generating “high-quality” carbon credits through in-house or collaborative projects.

These credits will then be offered to customers to support their journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

The initiative aims to capture more than 61 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by promoting projects that conserve and restore ecosystems across over 100,000 hectares, including forests, coastal ecosystems and agricultural soils.

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