ULEZ expands across all London boroughs today

The Ultra Low Emission Zone is expanding its reach to encompass all London boroughs, a move set to take effect from 00:01 on 29th August

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) gears up for its most extensive expansion yet, rolling across all London boroughs from the early hours of 29th August.

Expanding across all 32 London boroughs, the ULEZ has become the world’s biggest zone for reducing pollution through charges.

The expansion means that if vehicles don’t meet strict emission rules, they’ll be charged £12.50 every day in the ULEZ zone.

Preparation for this expansion has involved the installation of approximately 1,900 cameras across the broader expanse of London boroughs.

Beginning on 21st August, the ULEZ scrappage scheme has been extended to encompass all London boroughs.

This extension means that all residents within these boroughs can apply for financial support, up to £2,000, to replace non-compliant cars with cleaner alternatives.

The grant available for vans under the scrappage scheme has recently been augmented to a substantial £7,000.

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