Scotland’s energy plan: ‘Lack of detail’ sparks call to action

A renewable energy trade body has demanded a clear plan for Energy and Just Transition to maximise Scotland’s green energy potential

Scotland is facing increasing pressure to develop a detailed plan for its Energy and Just Transition initiatives.

Scottish Renewables is advocating for the creation of an Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan, complete with essential targets and milestones.

The trade body has voiced concerns regarding the lack of crucial specifics in the preliminary proposals for achieving net zero.

While acknowledging the draft strategy’s bold and ambitious nature, Scottish Renewables is emphasising the need for a clear delivery plan to provide certainty to developers and supply chain businesses.

Scottish Renewables is also urging the Scottish Government to expedite the consent process for “net zero anchor components” such as the electricity network, ports and heat networks.

Claire Mack, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said: “It is time for the Scottish Government to step up and provide clear direction to the renewables industry on how it plans to deliver Scotland’s net zero ambitions.”

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