Ofgem faces grilling on winter energy challenges

The Chief of Ofgem is set to face tough questions from MPs as the House of Commons Energy Security and Net Zero Committee examines preparations for the upcoming winter

Later this week, Ofgem is set to face a rigorous examination by MPs.

The scrutiny comes as part of a session hosted by the House of Commons Energy Security and Net Zero Committee, which is focused on assessing the nation’s readiness for the approaching winter.

Key figures from Ofgem, including Jonathan Brearley, the Chief Executive and Neil Kenward, the Director of Strategy, Economics, Research and Net Zero, alongside the Interim Director for Markets, are due to participate in this crucial session.

Their participation is expected to shed light on the preparations in place to address potential energy challenges during the colder months.

The session follows a spirited debate in the Commons Energy Security and Net Zero Committee last week. 

MP Vicky Ford highlighted alarming statistics from a prior panel discussion.

These statistics revealed a grim reality, with 4,700 deaths attributed to energy-related issues and a range of dire consequences, including resorting to “dangerous coping mechanisms,” neglecting basic needs like “washing children’s clothes,” and even risking lives due to the struggle to afford energy bills.

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